Beauty is a feeling. It is not always smooth, perfect, fashionable, young or new.


I was born in Lithuania and spent most of my life there before coming to the United States. My mother was an artist and I was surrounded by artistic ideas and artworks, but she had always discouraged me from pursuing this field. It was not until my last year of high school when I was sketching portraits of my classmates for fun that I realized that art was my calling. With the encouragement of my high school teacher, everyone agreed I should teach art at a more advance level.

Aura Skugariene

So I enrolled at Siauliai Institute of Pedagogy (Education) in Lithuania in September, 1978 and in June of 1983 I graduated with a Bachelor Degree enabling me to teach art at all levels of instruction.

1983-2005 taught at High Schools, Trade School, College of Art Pedagogy, Vilnius Art Academy. Senior Lecturer, Art technology Pedagogical College of Art, Telsiai, Lithuania 1994-2004. I taught drawing, sewing, tapestry, weaving, painting , fashion design and dyeing. Lecturer, Art technology Vilnius Art Academy, Telsiai Branch, Lithuania 1998-1999. Teaching pattern making. I have more than 20 years of teaching experience.

During my teaching career I and my students participated in showing their works in many exhibitions and shows, not only in my own town, but also in many of the neighboring towns. Some of these exhibitions were by invitation only.

In 2005 we won a green card lottery enabling my husband Valdas and I to move to the USA. My husband is woodworker and woodcarver. He is interested in old wood processing technologies and old fashioned veneering by hand. Currently we live in Valley Springs, California. Upon arrival I went to work for the Olive Glen Nursing Facility in Sacramento, California. To pull away from homesickness, I started to make pictures using color pencils, something I had never done in my country. In Lithuania I created all kinds of textile artworks (weaving tapestries, tie dyeing, sewing etc.). I love to draw animals, still life, buildings and especially portraits. I enjoy drawing older people portraits. I find beauty in age, in deep wrinkles and the personality of the person behind older and more experienced eyes. I want to communicate that through my art.


Member of Colored Pencil Society of America